Thursday, August 1, 2013

Shwe Pyi Nann (Natural Whitening Thanakha) & Tabita Gold Products

Actually I am so disappointed with some people who like to accuse and make assumptions without thorough checking and investigate. I am a fan of Thanakha and Tabita and use these products almost everyday. They said that these 2 products are not registered with KKM and are not safe to use. Below I print screen the proof which I, myself took it from KKM website. For Tabita, only its Smooth Lotion not registered because the chemical a bit strong. That is why your skin will peel-off when you use the product. I only used Smooth Lotion during the peeling week (2 weeks), then after my skin is ok, I just use it once a while (once a week or 2 weeks). far as I using these products, no side effect to my skin. They even make my skin fairer and no more scars or open pores. You can try to check yourself. No harm trying rather than listen to irresponsible individual.